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Happy Christmas/Newyears

This is really late because I've been traveling over the holidays but Happy Christmas and Happy new years. It's weird to just be getting back into the swing of school and stuff but yes we're back. My schedule is soooo busy this term I have five classes a day and no lunch break to speak of and a butt load of homework for them all. :( How was everyone's holidays.


This is from one of Ayue's favorite legends and one of my favorite movies. It's such an awsome movie, it (and aye inspired me to read the Iliad. And i've been hooked ever since. This is the best scene because it really displays the differances between the two men. One driven by duty and valor and the other his passions and his own desires. Both have thier faults and thier streangths but as brothers they compliment each other in a way they don't even see. (I cried in the scene when hector died. The look on Paris's face :( ...wha!!!! ) Plus thier hot and a lot of skin shows so it's just fun to watch

A rose within thorns Chapter 3:

Chapter three: The rose of Troy



A rose within thorns

Chapter two: A crown of thorns

Part one:

Secrete snow.

Just a little blurb I wrote in my journal during chapel this morning.

TNW chapter eleven.

BEFORE YOU READ. I AISHA would jut like to say my coauthor is the best! She did all of the typing for this on her own and this time ignored (most) of my ramblings because I was in no fit condition to be handling our boys first time together. So therefor all comments shall be responded to by her. (and hopefully if you liked there shall be some comments.)

Chapter eleven: lessons


Sorry this is so late. One of the dynamic duo got sick (cough) me (cough) so my poor partner was forced to undertake a lot of the actually writing by herself and make sense of my flue medicine induced ramblings. With out further ado chapter ten. PLEASE give us a response if you enjoyed this. Lol a lot of it comes from being high on cough syrup.

Chapter ten: Virginal nerves

A Rose Within thorns

Chapter one: First